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Rowan Tara de Freitas + Lukatoyboy + Small Talk + support


A night of unusual performance/lectures all about EFL, linguistics, private vs public media and memory using cassette tapes , slides, audio recordings and music.

Rowan Tara de Freitas - Extremely Fluent Lies (solo)

A performance/lecture which utilizes and subverts typical EFL (English as a Foreign Languge) teaching technique, combining anecdotes, found material and educational theory to reveal EFL teaching as a neocolonial venture, utilizing digital, 35mm slides and 8mm projection and live speech.

Lukatoyboy - The Final Instruction (solo)

The Final Instruction, a live cassette-based performance featuring tapes from a decade long hunt & research into instruction and demonstration material. Consisting of live manipulation of multilingual text and its accompanying soundtrack.

Small Talk - Other People's Part(ie)s (duo, Rowan Tara de Freitas and Lukatoyboy)

An improvised performance based on the merging of two collections of private recordings and documentation exploring themes: private vs public media, loss and discovery, and the complications of the family (may contain traces of anecdotes from a not-so recently staged visa-marriage).

Audio cassettes, 35mm slides projection, live speech

7pm -11pm

Tickets TBC