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Geoff Berner + Hannah Moulette & Friends (support)

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We are very pleased to be hosting the Canadian legend that is Geoff Berner on the back of his Glastonbury festival shows! He is a political poet and story teller, filled with wit, hilarity, emotion and power. Our friends The Moulettes put him in touch and Hannah (lead vocalist and cellist) will play support as Hannah Moulette & Friends. If you haven’t heard the Moulettes or Hannah play, then you are in for a joyous treat. The voice of an angel (a weird angel) playing intricate and vastly adventurous songs of lyrical finesse, psychedelic fun and raw emotion. I don’t know which musicians will accompany her yet but they will definitely be as fantastic as she.

Geoff Berner

"For the past 15 years or so, Jewish-Canadian accordion player/singer-songwriter/novelist Geoff Berner has travelled the world. He’s played in bars, cafes, festivals, and the occasional stadium. He’s performed in 17 countries, on national radio in 7 of them. He packs venues in places like Berlin, London, Oslo, Zurich, Seattle, Toronto, Edmonton and his home city of Vancouver.

As a musician, Berner is mainly known as a practitioner of the “klezmer-punk” style, which combines the traditional folk music of Eastern European Jews with punk’s aggressive energy and disdain for slick perfection. He is currently working on his 8th studio album entitled ""Grand Hotel Cosmopolis"" with Producer Josh Dolgin, due for European release October, 2019 on GiveUsYourGOLD (Orchard Distribution). Geoff's last album with Josh Dolgin was awarded the German Critics Circle Bestenlist prize.

Hannah Moulette

Moulettes are a band of multi-instrumentalists who experiment with the interplay between electric and acoustic instruments through effects & distortion. Notably led by either a 4,5 or 6 String Cello; the band use 3 part vocal harmony and often incorporate orchestral and progressive elements into their music.