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Phame + Leo Mcculloch and J Hazael + James Osler

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Transatlantic punk/no wave/free improv collaboration that uses themes of musical disruption and imperial violence.

“Haunting sound transits from the transatlantic experimental art-noise-experimental punk duo merge into reverberant spaces that decay into the ebb and flow of a tilt-a-whirl. jolting bass lines stir wailing guitar riffs. both plunge into the depths of abyssal non-sense”

Leo Mcculloch and J Hazael

Collaboration featuring guitarist/composer Jason Hazael (also of Rochelle Rochelle and one of the curators of Ceremonial Laptop) along with Leo Mcculloch, previously of prog-jazz group Selectric


Pillow is a group of string players from the south of England performing the dark and cinematic original compositions of James Osler, a composer and Jazz musician from Brighton.
This is a newly born project blending the harmonic complexity of Jazz with simple Folk like melodies, combined with the instrumentation and set up of an unconventional string ensemble.  

Here is a beautifully shot live video on facebook

7pm - 11pm

£5 OTD