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Musical Saw workshop

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Learn the musical singing saw from ZERO to SAW HERO! I will teach you how to make that tool SING !

Saw Eyes is Zackary Cain and he'll be teaching 2 hour classes of up to six people... He'll supply the saw and with accompanying music he will start you from NO IDEA (if that's where you're at and ok too if you're more familiar) to GOOD IDEA about how to understand and play the beautifully ghostly thing like a deceased beautiful soul. As long as you can whistle or sing a tune you got a very good chance of leaving the workshop knowing how to make that saw sing!

Zackary is a multi instrumentalist who has toured the world with bands such as Arcade Fire, City Shanty Band and Patrick Wolf as well as provided music for theatre shows and short films.

He has been playing teaching the musical saw and sea shanties for the last decade . He will be teaching at Glastonbury festival this year amongst other festivals this summer so try and catch him there too!

1pm - 3pm

£25 to book email Zack at