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Devil's Dyke Network: Feminist Poetry and Performance Part 3


We are very pleased to be hosting part 3 of Devil's Dyke Network in a night of solidarity and resistance.

This will be a night of thrilling visual art, Poetry, live music and performance.


*Visual Art
Fatemeh Takhtkeshian

Fatemeh Takhtkeshian is originally from Iran. She studied Painting at the University of Science & Culture, and Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch (Faculty of Art and Architecture) in Tehran, Iran. And completed a practice-based PhD in Art at the Lancaster University, UK.

Her work introduces a cultural understanding of the Iranian identity in the middle of the twentieth century. In her art practice, she benefits from different art techniques such as collage,
transferring images and video to visualize her understanding of her identity as an Iranian woman. She challenges the idea of time as a one-dimensional continuum and propose, instead, a surface
which goes forward and backward at the same time.


Sebastian Causton + Rosa Farber + Akila

Elena Bianco
Elena is a queer writer from Italy. She is part of the Devil's Dyke Network and her work largely focuses on erotic empowerment, boobs, memory and identity. 

Sea the Poet

Sea is a genderqueer, Afro-Native American, a self-proclaimed “refugee of Kansas,” and a naturalised British citizen who lives in East Sussex. Their debut collection, "The Swagger of Dorothy Gale and Other Filthy Ways to Strut" was released this year and published by Ice Cube Press (United States).


Yazmyn Hendrix
Yazmyn is a solo artist originally from London who uses mainly her voice, some percussion, and various effects pedals to create her musical environment. She is an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn is synaesthetic, meaning she associates each song, each word and each instrument with colours and textures; this gives her an original perspective when writing and performing.

Free entry