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Ceremonial Laptop : mechanical elephant + jothi + fane


Another evening of sonic adventure and experimental electronic landscaping. We really rate this young collective and their monthly night, its developing into something really special.

Ambient soundscapes, analogue beats and vocal manipulation.
Mechanical Elephant is a blend of ambient soundscapes, electronic textures, vocal manipulation and hard-hitting beats. There is no definitive genre that Mechanical Elephant strives for. It is experimental in its nature yet endeavours to be as heartfelt and emotional as music can be.

As what sounds like an old kettle about to reach the boil, heard through the tinny speakers of a decrepit FM radio, slowly gives way to guitar feedback and distant mumbling we are introduced to Jothi’s new album, Music?

Full of joy, darkness and experimentation, Jothi produces tuneful yet discordant blues which veers into walls of white noise and half heard conversations.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 15.49.51.png


Fane's music is a Gnostic mix of folk, ambient, electronic and drone influenced by the forgotten places and times that surround us. Meditative drones, corrupted banjo and squeezebox and lo-fi electronics, and the occasional song about Stonehenge.

£3adv -
Doors: 19:30