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The Dinner Party + Ron Caines Trio

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A night of free Jazz improvisation .

The Dinner Party
The Dinner Party is a collective free improvising trio active on the London and European jazz scene for the last few years, comprised of Anglo-Russian pianist Vladimir Miller (Moscow Composers Orchestra), Italian double-bassist Pierpaolo Martino – a founding member of avant-jazz ensembles Mondegreen, Howl and Machine3 – and British saxophonist Adrian Northover known for The Remote Viewers and London Improvisers Orchestra. Unlike many improv ensembles the trio privileges a meditative and even 'melodic' approach to improvisation in which silence, unvoiced sounds and the specific grains of the instruments become of paramount importance. In this sense The Dinner Party's instant compositions are dialogic spaces in which three different voices and cultural backgrounds speak to each other, establishing a fascinating dialogue with the past capable of exceeding the boundaries of music. Virginia Woolf's literary experimentalism, Russian and English folk heritages, Pasolini's poetry and cinema represent some of the most fascinating resources which nourish a sonic space or a conversational "party" constantly rethinking itself.

Ron Caines Trio

with bassist Gus Garside and drummer James Parsons. Ron Caines most recent album "Les Oiseaux de Matisse" (Discus 2018) received a number of glowing reviews -
“This is outstanding! Loose and supple playing. Hints of Mingus at his freest, mixed with Eastern influences and even traditional jazz. Really strong compositional ‘springboards’. Record of the week!!” – MATT PARKER, BRITISH PROGRESSIVE JAZZ

“An impressive and original collection – one of the most worthwhile CDs I’ve heard this year” London Jazz News

“A welcome, overdue and pleasurable return…The programme stretches from pensive ballads to free improvisation and fluttery decentered collage. Caines pays tribute to John Coltrane. Archer pays tribute to East Of Eden; their eclectic convolutions are his way now.” – JULIAN COWLEY, THE WIRE

“Can’t recommend it highly enough” FREQ

” an invigorating blast of new music, far fresher than a lot of the recycled same old same old that would claim the new tag. Time’s well spent digesting this music that’s free of overt influences, including the compositions… the overall richness of this set places it in a small field within the context of the seemingly never ebbing tide of new releases. Repeated listening will I reckon disclose riches I’ve yet to hear. That’s not an assertion I make too often.” Nic Jones Jazz Journal

8pm - 11pm


£8 ADV

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