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Eyeless Records Alldayer


We are happy to welcome back Brighton based label Eyeless records for their alldayer - heres what they are saying:

Welcome to the fifth Eyeless Joy event at the Rosehill. A free all ages event celebrating diverse musical explorationst. These happen twice a year and so far we’ve had a blast with some very exciting performances and a lovely atmosphere.

This event features:

Chop Chop

Experimental pop-infused explosions, jagged grooves and moves from this highly unusual and exciting 5 piece. We are delighted to have them headlining the 5th event.


RDyer’s achingly beautiful music comes via experimentation and a deep command of loop based sound environments. However out of this warm bed of experimentation she creates wonderous songs that pull at the heartstrings including themes of loss, grief and joy.

Nomadic Female DJ Troupe

Immersive and compelling alt-techno from this all female South London 3 piece generating found sound, drum machine and live sampling. An album is forthcoming on Eyeless and we are delighted to host them at this party.

Lee Riley

Oxfords drone artist Lee Riley guests this show as he has a number of experimental releases under his belt pushing the guitar to new and exciting parameters. There is something ritualistic about his beautiful, menacing and ultra-deep tones.

Fettucini Spicer

A new collaboration between author, Wire contributor and jazz expert Daniel Spicer and performance artist Adriano Fettucini. As both artists individually possess a very witty and playful spirit we are excited as to what we will expect live.

Nuala Brooks

Nuala’s music is extremely raw and heartfelt but it’s also lush and exquisite to listen to. Her performances are a real treat to witness as she displays the quiet confidence and power of her songwriting.

Cultural Apparati

Eyeless band CA create party music for outsiders. Live real time drum machines and electric bass collide with forward momentum.

3pm - 11pm