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Ceremonial Laptop: LC Pumpkin / Loftslag / ESP


Our sonic voyagers are back again with some ambient and experimental electronic treats.

LC Pumpkin
LC Pumpkin is a lo-fi one man band from Brighton who plays fuzz banjo while hitting keys of a sampler via a cork screwed on the end of a wooden arm clamped to the banjo.

“Well, I don’t know what the listeners thought but I thought it was fine and the fact that you couldn’t hear the lyrics, even though I am a big fan of lyrics, I thought it kind of added to the sense of it and it was good.”
Jarvis Cocker

Icelandic word meaning climate.
From loft (“air; sky”) +‎ lag (“layer, stratum;
order; way, method”).

Cathartic noise pop featuring members of NINIT & JOTHI.
Ca·thar·tic (kə-thär′tĭk)
Inducing catharsis; purgative.
An agent for purging the bowels, especially a laxative.

Electronic Sound Pictures
Born from their love of abstract audio, Brighton based duo E.S.P. is a project by Mark Churcher and Adam Wimbush to create Electronic Sound Pictures.

Combining BBC Sound Effects records with field recordings, sonic experiments and noise accidents, E.S.P. are transforming the non-musical audio into immersive sound collages.

Through experimenting with, and juxtaposing sound effects, this duo have become the architects of their own alternative narratives, atmospheres and audio images - limited only by their imaginations!

7.30pm - 11pm