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Eyeless Joy 6


Welcome to Eyeless Joy 6 - a free all ages, all day event hosted by Eyeless Records at The Rose Hill. Eyeless loves an eclectic bill and at this event you will find folk, Americana, and experimental sounds. The Eyeless All Dayer began life as a 10 year celebration of the label in 2017. It went so well that we’ve invited them back to host 2 events every year. Now in the 3rd year, the Eyeless Joy is a really special event for The Rose Hill and Brighton's cultural calendar.

Featuring in this latest instalment are:

Featuring tape loops, d.i.y. instruments, a musical saw, saxophone and gorgeous singing, RDyer wows audiences with an affecting honesty and a candid approach to subject matter that is equal turns heartbreaking and beguilingly beautiful.

Nuala Brooks
Combining guitar picking and folk-infused arrangements, Nuala creates hypnotic acoustic tapestries for her soaring and exquisite voice to float above. The effect is one of dizzying emotional impact.

Elm How
Confessional, honest and life-enhancing, Elm How’s music features interlocking guitars and voice creating a tone that is almost otherworldly. We are delighted to feature him at Eyeless Joy.

Hattie Cooke
Adding synth and electronic textures to her guitar led songs Hattie has won the hearts of many admirers..a restless and vital creative we are looking forward to her confident and cool songs at Eyeless Joy 6.

Winnipeg, MN
Jamie Moore’s touching and multi layered songwriting has led to the recording of a brilliant album “Love in Life and Death” soon to be released on Eyeless, live he brings guitar and electronics to new levels of beauty and enchantment.

Combining experimental loop based passages with original Neapolitan folk songs, Maria Marzaioli creates a powerful and intoxicating vibe that live has the effect of being life affirming, yet gentle and uplifting. Maria plays with Slum Of Legs amongst others and tonight will be joining The Glass Saints Country Appariton Band also.

The Glass Saints Country Apparition Band
M Butterfly presents an experimental noise Americana outfit fleshed out from his original incarnation. We are looking forward to total immersion in what promises to be a spellbinding show.

3pm - 11pm