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Ceremonial Laptop


Return of monthly aural explorations from Ceremonial Laptop. This month they present:


Ned Rush (formally known as rude_NHS) is a composer, producer, z-list YouTube personality and sound designer/developer. Live shows are improvised affairs involving Ableton, eurorack modular and MaxMSP, that both evolve and devolve in and out of the familiar and the alien. Beats are turned into playdough and musical refrains are gone before they’ve had a chance to breathe, all borrowing aesthetics from electro-acoustic music, breakcore, musique concrete and noise, plus immersive visuals created in real-time using custom MaxMSP Jitter patches.


Expect a wide range of digital treats, taking influence from noise rock, ambient, acid techno, and shoegaze.


Too low to run heaven, too high to find solace. Ninit performs deceptively simplistic music for pets and other food. Pull up your bed, take an ear, and lie in the greedy silo.



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