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Haunted Evaporations: a night of storytelling and immersive poetics


We are really excited to support and host the new immersive poetry performance and book launch for talented poet and performer collaborator and friend Toby Chown. 

Here's what he says:

Haunted Evaporations started life as a dream fragment, a voice that said "Learn to Become a Haunted Evaporation", the dream became a poem, the poem became a book, the book launch becomes a night of immersive theatre. We offer a mythic unfoldment that immerses you in stories you half know but shy back from, about how we need to lose control in order to regain the story of your life, about how love and life are illusions to wake up to, about how we can live in the lilies and mud, with hell below and chaos above, about how stories can throw us into deep rivers, about crossing a threshold to retrieve a ghostchild you forgetten was you, about mistaking your lover for a god/dess and paying the price in tears that become pearls, about following ancient trails of crow track and ivy to the theatre that rests inside all theatres, about seeking blue flowers in museums and factories, about the need to be tricked into coming to life, the blue candle of the story of your life, blue as the gas in a bunsen burner, carried in your heart like a precious book, open as a psalm, as calm as the centre of ripple. All stories your story. This Earth your home. Learn to become Haunted.


Earlier Event: June 21