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Ceremonial Laptop presents Hooded Jumper, Operationz and Scottish James Braun


Ceremonial Laptop presents...


Hooded Jumper are an ambient duo from Brighton, consisting of Ben Leftley (Halcion) and Mikey Phillips (Mullholland). Introspective drones and loops in the lower register, created by modular synth, guitars, and tapes. This will be their first performance out of the bedroom, celebrating the release of the new album, Sundowning. Indebted to Labradford, Paul Clipson, Stars of the Lid.


Returning to The Rose Hill for his farewell show, Operationz is long time noise maker Oliver Powell, who is no stranger to the Avant-Garde. He explores many realms and dimensions of comb filtering, delay and feedback to create waves of harmonic journeys from guitars and synths, to rhythm and beats; all guided by the voice of his thoughts. A music technology student who prides himself as a sound artist, musician, noise maker and producer, he has explored and experiment with different styles of alternative, electronic and underground music.


Broken drums. Hand-me-down Guitars. Cheap keyboards. Part-time band. Full-time Jerks.

DOORS: 7:30PM  |  £3ADV: Adv link coming soon//£4OTD  |  FB EVENT