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Ceremonial Laptop : tAngerinecAt + seán clancy + j hazael

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Another monthly instalment this fascinating young collective.


tAngerinecAt was formed in 2008 in Ukraine as a collaboration between Ukrainian born Eugene Purpurovsky and English born Paul Chilton. Their music absorbed the musical, poetic and social forms of Ukrainian and Soviet counterculture; the classical music skills, composition, directing and stage experience of Eugene as a singer, actor, poet and musician in solo and various musical projects - from classical to metal, since 1990, and his experience living in harsh social and economic conditions and resisting authoritarian structures. Paul brought influences from Western rock music, and together they traveled to remote places in the Carpathian Mountains gleaning from the local music culture. Add to this witches brew their discovery of random genres of left-field electronica and music from various places around the world and their persistent use of unusual musical instruments – most notably the hurdy-gurdy, - and you will get raw powerful cinematic and deeply atmospheric post-industrial that touches the inner most part of the human personality and is reminiscent of a tapestry with many different details.


Seán Clancy performs an extended drone-based work for analog synthesizers and projected text throughout the UK in 2018. Through the marriage of continuous focused sound, pithy texts, and defamiliarisation, this work calls attention to the diverse range of journeys that Irish people have undertaken to England, both historically and in more recent times.

Seán Clancy is an Irish composer who writes music for electronic and acoustic instruments. Through defamiliarisation, repetition, fragmentation, and the use of drones, his music tries to come to terms with our own existence. He lives in Dublin and is a senior lecturer in composition at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK.

Debuting material from upcoming EP 'Spack in the Box Allstars vol. 1.' Think Bitches Brew meets Garden of Delete and Salad Fingers.


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