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Jack Goldstein, JPWR, Garden Centre,Porridge Radio

Jack goldstien two.jpg

A night of highly ambitious, experimentally realized pop music.

An airshow where lots of the aircraft resemble musicians:

JACK GOLDSTEIN: Jack is a very fast jet painted in a sort of golden color. When you see the jet on the horizon you do not know whether to wave your flag or dig a hole and hide.

JPWR: JPWR is a very mean looking aircraft and a spotter's favourite. Some of the external piping is purely aesthetic, but this is considered important, and there are no calls to remove them.

GARDEN CENTRE: Possessing an abysmal thrust to weight ratio and a poor safety record, this aircraft was produced in it's thousands for the government in order to prop up an ailing aviation industry.

PORRIDGE RADIO: Considered a classic pilot's aircraft. Famed test pilot Henry 'Winkle' Brown once described Porridge Radio's flight envelope as 'Unopenable'.TFB EVENY


£5 OTD