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Ceremonial Laptop's 1st Birthday - ALL DAYER


Ceremonial Laptop are celebrating a year of monthly events here and this is what they are saying about it :

We're turning 1!... we think... our memories of 2017 are a little hazy. Our perspectives got realigned so many times last year, that it's made the task of remembering precise times and dates a torturous one to say the least.

Anyway, we're throwing down a big fat slice of ceremonial cake to celebrate. Welcoming back old friends and reeling in some new ones.

Gagarin is the solo project of Graham “ Dids” Dowdall. He makes instrumental electronica that doesn’t adhere to any particular scene or style and draws on influences ranging from contemporary classical to techno and every point in between and beyond. The music is atmospheric, melodic and sometimes beaty.

Currently a member of avant rock legends Pere Ubu and Welsh-Iranian folktronica duo Roshi ft. Pars Radio, Gagarin has a long history of left-field musical promiscuity. Including a long period of collaboration with Nico (Velvet Underground) and many dalliances along the way include John Cale, Ludus, Eric Random, Suns of Arqa, Band of Holy Joy, Low Bias, Zor Gabor and many more.

His last album Aoticp received widespread acclaim and was described by Boiler Room as " sparkingly new " and " magnificent genre hopping " in Impulse as well as great reviews in Wire, Quietus and airplay across Europe including repeated BBC Radio 3 plays.

Lapsung is a young artist living between the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. His rich, dark textures and earth-shaking beats make a fierce combo that exists between the realms of soundtrack, beats, bass music and ambient - a colourful sound that has gained him support from revered electronic artists such as Slugabed and Noisia, and forward-thinking labels such as 8MANA and Project Mooncircle / Finest Ego.

Disturbing dreams and tender imagery haunt the violent, warm & weird visions of London based cellist, vocalist and instrument inventor Jasmine Pender, whose work voyages through noise, drone, folk, blues, and sound collage.

Monolithic experimetal techno slabs surrounded by baying Neolithic Mandrills. He's one third of the Post Electronic, Neo-Krautrock outfit, Motherbox. 

Madcoil is the electronic music project created by Guildford-based experimentalist Bogdan Vera. Fusing a diverse range of influences ranging from Krautrock and Berlin School electronica to modern electroacoustic and noise music, his signature style includes the use of live coding, odd time signatures, experimental musical interfaces, unorthodox digital signal processing and occasionally prog-metal infused guitar.

Ambience, slowcore and folk meet and intertwine as parts of sonic textures that blend darkness and hope, serenity and angst. Soundscapes that transport the mind and soul.

UNDOING ft Jon Lloyd
Seasoned experimentalist, Undoing, shall return once again to the Ceremonial stage, this time joined by renowned Alto and Soprano Saxophonist, Jon Lloyd.

Building guitar and bass loops over rhythmic snippets and samples. Reviving, reconfiguring and recontextualising pieces of original material over beats.
Grow Fins really blew us away last year, we just had to get him back for another session of realignment and reflection.

Quaffing deep from the phlegm sluice. Sibbliant slowness and spiritual spume. Coastal lysergia for the boatless.

This will be the first airing of a refreshingly new, completely improvised, performance from New Gardener's Society. Featuring members of Rochelle Rochelle and Benen, NGS will effortlessly glide through the multiverse, with a half a tank of gas and barely enough shrapnel to make it back.