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In/Out Cabaret: Everytime We Say Goodbye


We are super excited to invite these guys back! If you missed it last time, and like immersive challenging and ridiculous performance, music infused avant-cabaret, then we HIGHLY recommend !

Here’s what they have to say about it:

As Britain finds herself learning to say 'goodbye' in some 24 different European languages ... the In/Out cabaret troupe, through their unique chaotic catharsis, examine the concept of the it a new beginning or is it just an end? 

…And to add an extra poignancy to the evening...some of the team will be considering their own imminent departures from this land and what it means for them personally...are farewells truly fond? Is parting really such sweet sorrow?

So, once again, we would like to invite you to an evening of live performance, music, bathos, pathos, skits, sketches, laughter, tears, and a stubborn multicultural refusal to succumb to these dividing trends. 

Unexpect the expected with Yael Karavan, Tim Harbridge, Ricardo Puccetti, Naomi Silman, Ed Briggs and more to present an unforgettable night... Now the only thing that's missing is you! 

8pm - 11pm


£7 OTD