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Life of an "Unworthy" Migrant: The Gig


It was Gary Younge who warned against separating 'worthy' and 'unworthy' immigrants. 

At gathering in solidarity with the Windrush Generation in Brixton in April this year, he said "I have a concern that the Windrush Generation is the new national treasure and that we will be separated as the 'worthy' immigrants. That suggests there are 'unworthy' immigrants for whom this hostility is okay".

This event wants to underscore and smash the dangerous nuance in the narration and explanation of why the "Windrush scandal" happened which meant to divide all migrant community into the category of 'worthy' and 'unworthy' immigrants. 

The "Hostile Environment" conditions everyday life of migrants/refugees. It is a psychological and emotional rollercoaster reality for migrants/refugees which has made their lives come to a grinding halt. This aspect of migrants/refugees lives is underappreciated, underestimated and unreported. 

The event will feature live music, food, and political speeches!!!

Arabian/Mediterranean dinner meal. 

1. Kell Chambers [Ambient Acoustic singer/songwriter from Wales] Opening Act. []

2. Alaa [Syrian Oud player and singer] - second Act
[Hear Alaa's music here -]

3. Animal House [(in) famous Aussie Band - playing riotous Party Rock] - Headliner
[Hear them rock -]

Jacob Berkson - host
Bert William (MBE) - Windrush Generation Migrant 
Antonia Brighton - Movement for Justice 

All proceeds would be split three ways 
Norma - Legal cost
Luqman - Legal cost
Windrush Descendants Legal Fund 


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