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Book of Horkus - Phase IV

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We don't fully understand the text describing the event below BUT are hosting these excellent humans from various collectives which have previously collectively put on 3EYE events and Festival 23 events here in the past. We understand it is some sort of ceremony partly in remembrance of one of their past members. It is a free event and we think it is open to everyone though is very much a gathering of this particular tribe! Does that make any more sense? hope so.

Here is what the organisers are saying:

An important message to remind you all that the bi-annual gathering of the Book of Will pledge participants is taking place. This meeting will determine the outcome of the current Phase IV pledges and, also, will be open to any members of the tribe and the Others to sign new pledges for Phase V.  More details will be posted soon. Finally, the gathering will honour the personal pledge made by Irving Rappaport in the search for the meaning of "joy". This will be a communal effort made by existing pledger's but, more importantly, is open to anyone who would like to contribute in whatever way they choose. I hope that you can attend our gathering if at all possible. 
Love and light in anticipation of the imminent Year of Wonder.
Larry Sidorczuk [Keeper of the Book of Will: Phase IV]

3pm - 11pm

Free entry