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Bloom DIY party #2: Bloom + Sam Goodwill + Bell Lungs

Bloom are super pleased to be hosting Sam Goodwill on his UK tour along with their longtime pal and experimental psych/folk artist Bell Lungs

Bell Lungs (vocals/electric guitar/electric violin) is from Scotland and has previously performed in the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, in curious locations such as an abandoned grain silo, a hydro-electric power station inside a mountain, the top deck of a double-decker bus and amidst the eerie, moving sculptures of Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. She will be playing an immersive continuously-morphing set that will carry you from the Western Isles of Scotland to the rainforest and outer space.
Sam Goodwill aka Sam Buonavolontà (Italian Translation: Goodwill) has been crafting experimental music under the alias "Sam Goodwill" for over a decade. Rooted in thematic lyricism, the music combines engaging songwriting with the drama and energy you'd expect from a Rock n' Roll show. 
With two releases (2009's "Stampede" EP and 2012's "History" LP), Sam has toured extensively in both US, UK & Europe, sharing the stage with bands such as Temples, Reel Big Fish, Damien Jurado and Porches.
This May Sam released a split 7" with DIY pioneer and legend in his own right, Viking Moses. The two were on tour in the UK when they spent a few days at Song, By Toad Records HQ. During their visit Sam was fighting illness and was days away from losing his voice completely. They managed to do some casual recording which turned into some of the rawest material Sam Goodwill has released to date. US, UK, EU Release date : 19 May 2017


Bloom make alternative cosmic pop music using experiments with vocal harmony, samples, syncopation and synthesisers. The music is influenced by tiny wriggling things, giant galactic things, humans, nature and magic.

'Astral space-pop worthy of Bjork' - THE QUIETUS
'Vibrant, dynamic indie pop to see you through the darkest times’ - THE GIRLS ARE
'Complex and bittersweet’ - LINE OF BEST FIT
‘A blissful audioscape worth exploring. - ART NOISE

8pm - 11pm

£5 /£3 / what you can afford