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Lost Property Presents: Hákarl(24) - A 24 Hour Improvisation

From 1700 on the 29th July 2017 to 1700 on the 30th July 2017, 
a retinue of some of the finest racketeers will be descending upon The Rose Hill . The plan is to play continuously for 24 hours - all players committed to being in the same space for a full day.

While there's nothing approximating instructions per se, there are a couple of ground rules - no looping and no cycling of members. 

We will be open to all for the duration of the performance but note that access will be restricted after hours - anyone wanting to watch in the wee small hours will have to text a number so one of our highly-trained, crack security guards can let them in. This information will be here and on website closer to the time.

Hákarl has done a few of these long performances in the past - a 36 hour performance with bangthebore & affiliates in 2011 (documented here: and here:, and a few 12 hour 'long half days' - one of which is documented here:

Performers, devised by Hákarl and Lisa Jayne:

Lisa Jayne of Map 71: poet, musician, part local legend.

Sally Shakti Willow: writer, poet, performer.

Ecka Mordecai: Manchester-based cellist, sound-artist.

Diana Policarpo: sound-artist, percussionist, and visual artist.

Dolly Dollycore: musician, magician, and DJ.

Greta Pistaceci: musician, sound-artist.

Count Adriano Fettucini, a man of many theatrical talents...

Jules Arthur: violist, pianist, co-founder of Betabet (and, conveniently enough, co-proprieter of the venue).

Joshua Legallienne: acoustic guitarist, sound artist

Megan Clifton of Bloom: multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and composer.


5pm - 5pm