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The Legend of St Winiborde

VERY excited about this one. He's a tour de force!

The Legend of St Winiborde is a one-man musical by Iain Paxon for piano, voice and a sequence of over 100 hand drawn projected slides . This lo-tech fictional show charts the rise of Winiborde from disgruntled visionary to Sainthood. Set in Britain in the 1100's (AD), the story draws parallels with the rise of Christianity, the break with the Old Religions, and the subsequent re-assembling of history in their own favour....the evening will also feature James Parsons Magic Show, a wonderment of conjuring blunders.

Iain Paxon is a long standing member of experimental pop band Hamilton Yarns,  as well as playing with Not For The Suffering Type, The Sticks and various other music projects. St Winiborde is Iain's third solo musical/slide show, following on from Bird Boy and Prince Volume, and expands upon the theme of The Heroes Search.  Iain's artwork has graced the covers of Hamilton Yarns albums for over a decade, and he continues his love for drawing, illustration and design in the form of printed artwork and books. His interest in religious history, myth and fiction can be found in his completely fabricated Lost Folk Customs history book series, featuring saints, customs and a creative blurring of truth and lies

Excerpt from the slide show:

£5 on the door