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Fake Magic by Vincent Gambini (for 2 nights only )

For those of you who attended the last Falmer party at the end of 2015, you may have been lucky enough to catch a very surreal and accomplished magic show that wowed about 5 small audiences of 30 people with close up tricks and mind games. We are really lucky to have an exclusive of his new show in progress.

Magician Vincent Gambini presents brand new theatrical sleight-of-hand 

Featuring guest appearances by Tim Bromage & Tom Cassani

‘One thing they don’t tell you at magic school is just how hard, how excruciatingly hard, it actually is to be a magician. It’s not just the endless children’s birthday parties, or the soul-crushing corporate gigs, or the way so many people look down on magicians. More than that, it’s the fact that when you step on stage, everyone in the theatre knows that what you’re doing isn’t real, that it’s a trick, that everything you do is fake. You’re a fake. You’re a phoney. You’re not a real magician… That’s what people think… and they’re right.’


With Fake Magic, Vincent Gambini returns to the Rose Hill with brand new magical material. Performing with his trademark ironic detachment, Gambini plays expertly with our understandings of magic and theatre. How can a deck of cards vanish without a trace? Can matter truly pass through matter? And how can a show have 3 beginnings, 2 middles, and no ending?

Gambini’s 2015 performance, This is not a magic show, received huge critical acclaim, with four star reviews from The Guardian, Time Out and The Stage, and a tour across the UK (Arts Council England funded) and Germany.

This is an opportunity to see brand new material from Gambini here in Brighton, his new adopted home, where he is currently working on a whole new theatre magic show.

‘This thoughtful, playful and multi-layered piece will make you question how we watch and what we see…’
☆☆☆☆ The Guardian, on Gambini’s This is not a magic show

‘A gentle, cerebral show in which Gambini unpicks both his tricks and the expectations of his audience… A tightly constructed piece of performance.’ ☆☆☆☆ The Stage, on Gambini’s This is not a magic show

Duration: 50mins

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Earlier Event: June 14