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Eyeless Records is 10 : In Threads + Nick Hudson + Cultural Apparati + Nuala Brooks + Superprotagonist + Allison's Gate + Ingrid Plum

Eyeless Records celebrate 10 years of life with an ALL AGES and FREE party/ all dayer on Easter Saturday April 15th at awesome venue The Rose Hilll. The day includes a merch table for all the artists, a drawing table for kids, nice food and drink and a lovely crowd. Bring your kids, families and friends to a lovely celebration of music and creativity in the heart of Brighton.

Playing will be:

In Threads

Daniel Spicer (piano/ pocket trumpet/ bits and pieces)
James Parsons (drums/ percussion)
Verity Spott (cello/bass)

Dan Spicers free jazz, improv, squall trio In Threads create fringe ecstatica on the verge of meltdown but shot through with an anarchic innate and intuitive structure. Described thus as
“concentrated bursts of joyful spontaneous composition.”

Nick Hudson

Balancing strict formalism and musicianship with a keen ear for the outer limits, Nick Hudson progresses forward with his epic and sensual vision. Nick Hudson has contributed to Eyeless through last years The Inhuman compilation, David K Frampton’s collaborative “Joins” project and a ltd cdr split with Gary Goodman entitled “January”. He has collaborated with Asva, David Tibet (Current 93) and members of Kayo Dot.

Cultural Apparati

David K Frampton (Electronix, drums)
Aaron Bhamra (Bass)

Eyeless Records artists Cultural Apparati balance heavyweight basement electro with coursing propulsive live bass in a rare performance that walks a taut line between improvisational and structured surfaces. The Wire tapper featured the track Venom Sorcerer in 2015. Cultural Apparati’s debut album can be found here:

Nuala Brooks

Nuala Brooks poetry and song is delicate and beautiful possessing visions and forms of fantastical and internal expression. An artist, singer and poet, Nuala continues to joyfully and with some purity connect the dots between our soul and hers.


Worthing’s Superprotagonist (Malcolm Brown) came to my attention on the open mic circuit in Brighton. His songs are sort of in a folk-soul vein with a light finger picking acoustic backdrop that show dexterity and subtlety. A real south coast gem and we’re thrilled to host him at Eyeless Is !0. Described as "acoustic jazz blues with a touch of the avant-garde" Check his work here:

Sea Songs

John Harries (Noise)
Chloe Owens (Violin)

John Harries (Rutger Hauser) and Chloe Owens violin and noise duo from S.London. Coming from the Editions of You New Cross distro collective we are delighted to be representing them here in the shape of the mysterious sonics of Sea Songs. For the last few years Editions have been a home for Eyeless in London and we are thrilled to have Sea Songs at Eyeless Is 10.

Allison’s Gate

Carolina Forteza’s project Allison’ Gate has just released her new album “Sink Or Swim” featuring 11 tracks of ritualistic improvised song/ expression on Memorials Of Distinction. Live she gently plays her electric guitar alongside backing drones and singing in her unfathomably rich and deep tonal range often whispered…sung and rendered in psychic magic..

Ingrid Plum

Ingrid Plums unpredictable and mesmerising live show combines folk, accapela, improvisation and sonic art from an artist who is always pushing the boundaries of performance. Recently having studied in New York under Meredith Monk, she also runs the Bechdale female centred performance nights and runs vocal workshops, most recently at experimental haven Cafe Oto. Her new album ’Taut” is music produced by other people under strict instructions from herself. I am very excited to be hosting her at Eyelessis10. “Having performed and exhibited installation sound art and visual art since 2002, she creates work that sits between sound art, improvisation, multi-media installation, neo-classical and contemporary Nordic folk music.”