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CEREMONIAL LAPTOP : Lapsung + Benen + Rochelle Rochelle +PinkTurnsPuke

We are excited to have the Brighton based collective Ceremonial Laptop at The Rose Hill this month . Heres what they have to say about it:

Ceremonial Laptop presents an evening of ambient meanderings, abstract sound, visuals and beguiling fodder for inscescent chin stroking.

Stepping aside from his usual dynamic live show, Lapsung strips back his performance for a dreamy, worn and and drawn-out piano set.

Combining layers of ethereal guitar, distant and dystopian noise and eerie, contorted visuals, Benen constructs an impenetrable wall, drenched in waves of melancholic hope.

Rochelle Rochelle
Minimalist guitar and vocal loops layered with analogue synth and drum machine. Steve Reich meets Blade Runner.

Quaffing deep from the phlegm sluice. Sibbliant slowness and spiritual spume. Coastal lysergia for the boatless.