Set up as a Communities Interest Company, The Rose Hill is both a venue and a creative hub. We aim to programme consistently interesting, varied and adventurous performance. Besides regular live music, we host film screenings, workshops and classes and are putting together an artistic residency programme, including scratch shows of the subsequent work.

The set up

A performance at the rosehill

Sound - As active professional musicians, we know how important and rare good sound is in small venues! To that end we have just invested in a really high end PA wooooo (EM acoustics - they did the Royal Albert Hall and indeed the new fit-out at the Attenborough Centre at Sussex Uni)

Fees - It is frustrating and unfair that performers are expected to play smaller venues for free, particularly in Brighton. Having watched many exciting and promising musicians drift into full time work due to financial necessity, we make a point of regularly subbing artist fees from bar takings and we ask all external promoters to guarantee their performers are getting paid.

Bar - We have put a lot of thought into the bar, resulting in a great selection of booze at reasonable rates, all served by friendly bar staff! We have a rotating selection of interesting guest beers, all our spirits are 'premiums' at 'standards' prices (no Smirnoff or Bacardi - Zubrowka and Mount Gay instead!) and for non drinkers there's a selection of interesting soft drinks and juices.

Studios - We are building studios in the basement, and in the long term plan to make a visiting artists bedroom. We will be setting up multi-channel live recordings of performances, and aim to be streaming live webcasts of our events

Beatabet - We are founding members of Beatabet, an Arts Council supported, multi-disciplinary arts organisation based in London and Brighton;  the Beatabet record label and studio are moving to the Rose Hill. Beatabet run monthly eclectic evenings of performance, music and art at the Rose Hill.

Noise - We are in a very residential area and we ask all our customers to please respect our neighbours and keep it quiet both in the smoking area and when you leave, out the front of the pub.


Can we buy tickets in advance? Occasionally external promoters sell advance tickets, but currently we operate on a first come first served basis.

Can children come? Kids are totally welcome until they lose their shit - we recommend you bring them ear defenders.

What is accessibility like? We have a ramp at the front, but unfortunately the existing toilets are not currently wheelchair accessible. 

What time are you open until? Currently, due to licensing restrictions, we can only serve until 11pm, with clear out by 11:30pm (yes it's the 1980's!) but we are working on it and hope to extend the license shortly. If you are coming to an event MAKE SURE YOU ARRIVE EARLY we have to kick you out by 11:30!!


The Rosehill Tavern

Built in 1840, The Rose Hill Tavern first became a pub in 1870. Going through numerous owners, including at one stage Brighton and Sussex Unis, it ran continuously until 2014 when it finally shut it's doors. The building was bought by developers who subsequently submitted planning to turn it into 'Luxury Flats'. The local community, in true Brighton style, kicked up enough of a fuss that they managed to get an Asset of Community Value tag placed on the building. Over the course of two years, and using this new ACV status the community eventually blocked the planning application, and the frustrated developers put it back up for sale. And the rest is (very recent) history....